*M1 Semester 8 2020-2021 - group lists and material for Professional English LINK

M1 Co-ordinator:

Ben Hanson

M1 Teaching Team: 

Emma Nelson (emma.levrero@enseeiht.fr)
Sean McArdle (sean.mcardle@enseeiht.fr)
Stephen Ryan (stephen.ryan@enseeiht.fr)
Barbara Billois (usaenglish31@gmail.com)
James Tatler (james.tatler@toulouse-inp.fr)
Rodrigo Schonardie (rodrigo.schonardie@toulouse-inp.fr)
Francis Umunna (francisonochie.umunna@toulouse-inp.fr)
Sandra Haurant (sandra.haurant@gmail.com)
Dimitri Tassigny (d.tassigny@gmail.com)
Anne Bradshaw (bradshaw.anne@orange.fr)

January 4-6, 2021

You will complete and submit your Reaction Paper during your lesson. 
Time allowed: 1 hour and 40 minutes.

All work will be submitted to an anti-plagiarism software, which will tell us if your work resembles other work found on the Internet.  This is done automatically when you submit your work. Plagiarism will not be tolerated for this assignment.

Remember to leave time at the end to proof-read your work!

Both DOC and PDF files are accepted.