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Course Coordinator: Seán McArdle

Teaching team: Emma Levrero, Ben Hanson, Jane Salvidge, Anne Bradshaw, Sandra Haurant, Sarah Gardener, Irene Dormile, James Tatler, Alice Cripps, Francis Umunna


Information on English certification tests

N7 Students: You need to have taken the Cambridge Linguaskill Business (or other English language test recognised by the CTI - TOEFL, TOEIC etc) within 2 years of the date of N7 awarding diploma and achieved a score of 160 (165 for students starting in L3 from Sept 2021). This validates a B2 level for listening and reading. See the Moodle for all the information you need about the test and how we organise it.
Ensiacet/ENSAT Students: please check with your Heads of Department to find out what is required of you.
MS NTE Students (returning to studies after being in work): Please check with your Head of Department at N7 to see the level required of you. If you are a 'Formation Continue' student you may be asked to achieve a different level on the CLB.
Please let me know if you are NOT required to sit the CLB at N7, so I can record that information.