'The Cambridge Centre' (a private language school based in Blagnac) organise the Linguaskill Listening and Reading test for N7. It is an online test which you sit remotely, although you can do it at the Blagnac centre if you wish to.

If you have test-specific enquiries (booking a test outside of the N7 sessions, cancellations, 'convocations' not received, the running of the test, results, certificates, special arrangements) please contact them directly at: 

YOU MUST USE A WINDOWS PC ONLY TO TAKE THE LINGUASKILL TEST. The utility to be downloaded is not available for Linux systems and is not recommended on MacOS (risk of problems running the exam).

If your query relates to the sign-up sheet or anything not listed above, please contact:

We are currently running the Business version of the test, but it's become apparent that some institutions accept the 'General' test and not 'Business'. It is possible to sit the 'General' test at The Cambridge Centre if you need to. The N7 student discount will apply. Please contact them directly if this is your situation and they can arrange it for you -  exams@cambridgecentre.net

Sign-up sheet - click HERE

Test procedure information - click HERE